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Kentucky Opera is launching a bold new initiative to amplify the voice of Kentuckians as we explore the meaning and expression of Faith, Justice and Family through opera. Using our "virtual" stage, we are thrilled to announce our 20/21 season, Amplify Your Voice, a season designed to engage with our audiences and organizational partners through crowdsourced material, video performances and interviews.

"This season, Kentucky Opera will stay true to our responsibility of telling and elevating stories – our stories – through music," says Barbara Lynne Jamison, General Director and CEO. "We invite our community to share their voices and perspectives, which we will amplify through story and song. At a time when many people yearn to be heard and understood, we will explore the values we hold dear both individually and collectively. At a time when we long for social connection, we will bring our community together with shared purpose."

A Heart's Home

Photo of young father smiling broadly as he cradles his little son in his arms with his aged father in a baseball cap beside him smiling at the boy. They are standing on a pier looking out on a lake.

All families are unique, with stories of pain, joy and hope that deserve to be told. What special moments have defined your family?

Testimonies to Justice

Black and white photo of a small group within a peaceful 1960s civil rights protest. The mostly black men are wearing dark suits, hats, and skinny ties. A young black woman in a sleeveless white dress looks in another direction. At front, a young white man looks at the camera seriously

The Civil Rights songs of the 1960s helped to shape a movement. What are our songs for today?

Conviction and Creed

Closeup photo of two aged hands clasped in prayer, resting on a church pew, with an ornate rosary dangling from the hands.

Exploring humanity's relationship with faith. What does faith look like in our community?

The Joey of Opera - discovering Opera with Joseph Mechavich
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